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Tigerlily Salon & Spa

In a world of constantly evolving beauty standards, Tigerlily Salon has always kept one thing at the forefront - you.

We look beyond beauty trends in order to provide compassionate and diverse service. Community, equality, intention, and action are what define us. We strive to know and understand those that we service - and use this knowledge to consistently inspire creativity. 

Our salon knows no limits - we are constantly pushing the boundaries beyond the scope of beauty. We are diverse and are an inclusive space for all humans. People of all sexual orientations and gender identities are safe and heard here.



You can give us a call to schedule, or schedule your first appointment from the comfort of your device with our digital consultation form below!


You can give us a call to schedule, or book online with the link below. Please note online booking is only for returning clients of Tigerlily Salon who have had an appointment with us within the past year. Clients returning after a 1+ year gap will need to call or complete a digital consultation form above.


"I have never had a better experience in a salon. Literally from the moment I walked in, the lovely people at the front were hyping me up. My stylist, Heather, was an absolute goddess. She gave me what I asked for, but so so much better. My confidence has shot up by like 1000000 points, she absolutely killed it. Not to mention she was so hilarious and cool, and she made me feel so comfortable. She worked with my budget and let me know exactly what she was doing which I really appreciated. Im so insanely happy with my new hair, and I'm stoked I found the best stylist ever."

Blanche M.

“I got married on the 4th of July and was fortunate enough to have the owner of the shop agree to the date. She did an amazing job, I received so many compliments and can't wait to see how my pictures turned out. Thank you again for doing it on a're fabulous! "

Hilary C.

“MY LIFE HAS BEEN CHANGED!!! I went to the salon with hopes of getting hair extensions. I have never had them before, and with my thinning hair I figured I would finally pull the trigger. I first met Leticia for a consult, and she made me feel so comfortable and listened to. I met with her the following week, and she made the entire process so easy from choosing the extensions I wanted to the length and color... she literally was the best to work with. Leticia took her time with every little detail and made me feel so confident in myself and her beautiful work."

Annika D.

The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming. Everyone seems to be smiling and relaxed. Katie was so sweet and sincere, and truly listened to everything I asked for. You could tell she cares not only about her clients' outcome, but also that they feel comfortable and relaxed while she's working. Such a nice place with lovely people, highly recommend!

Jena L.

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