What We Do

Hmm, how do we put this without sounding arrogant…  Tigerlily is kind of a big deal.  There we said it, but it's true.  Tigerlily is home to a group of multi-talented friends.  In a nutshell, we do hair, makeup, and a variety of skincare treatments from permanent makeup to hair removal and microblading.  

Also for all those brides out there, we do offer wedding services (you will just need to make an appointment for a free consultation). Though not relevant to "salon and spa" offerings—the Tigerlilies are also artists, moms, designers, and few of us are known to belt out a song and strum a guitar.  

We digress… back to being a big deal.  We can speak with such conviction, because we are true professionals at what we do.  We are constantly training, learning and growing within our profession (literally though, every
Wednesday we have "class" to learn something new).  Now this doesn't mean we don't have fun—anyone who knows us, knows we love to have fun.  This is important to mention, because a fun and professional work environment creates happy people and we believe we have the happiest staff in SLO. So don't waste anytime, come on by and check us out.  We love what we do for you.